The Story of the Brains behind Connect Automate

Connectio is doing another major launch on a software that will be the answer to online entrepreneurs when it comes to promoting their products and services through Facebook ads on the 29th of May. What we’re talking about is Connect Automate

This rule-based software is said to identify your best content and turn it into a Facebook ad to further catapult your brand to greater heights.

BUT, before we dig deeper in discussing the brilliance that is Connect Automate, let us first talk about the brain behind the upcoming major launch. This is none other than Wilco de Kreij himself.

Who is Wilco de Kreij?

Wilco de Kreij is an extraordinaire in the field of online marketing and works full time. He started at a very early age, and when he was just 16, he sold glasses online. Ten years into the future and he now has several marketing applications online and some plugins in WordPress.

His Humble Beginnings

Contrary to what most people think, just like everybody else in the business, Wilco did not go through a straight line to get to where he is right now. In fact, he had to go through a lot of hurdles and obstacles along the way to become the man that he is now.

In his website Connectio, he uploaded a video of his humble beginnings and his story on how he went from a complete zero into a total hero where he shared 5 key lessons that he got from his experience.

5 Key Lessons in Succeeding in Online Marketing

1. Your Business has to Solve a Problem

Way back on the year 2002 when he was still 16 years old, he was a big fan of the super popular movie then called “The Matrix” where every character had a pair of sunglasses. Because of this, he wanted to have one himself. Unfortunately for him, Netherlands never sold any of these.

So instead, he browsed through the internet and found a company in the US that sells them. Then it dawned on him, maybe he’s not the only one in the Netherlands who also wants a pair of sunglasses.

So he decided to try selling them online. But since he was only 16 then and had no financial means to do so, he posted on the internet and asked if people are interested in buying sunglasses in the US where they can wait for 2 months until the shipment from the US arrives.

To his surprise, he had 17,000 Euros worth of sunglasses so he asked his parents to order in the US for him and it went surprisingly well for him.

He then realized that he has a passion for online marketing. So he went on to sell other products online in the Netherland and it turned out well for him.

This brings us to his first key lesson in attaining success for your business: always consider the business that you put up as a solution to a given problem.

2. Never Rely on One Thing

Realizing he had a passion for online marketing, Kreij found Google Adsense where you can make money with just people clicking on your ads. So he then created multiple websites and once again became successful.

Unfortunately for him, his accounts got shut down because he exceeded the maximum number of accounts that Google Adsense allow. Things then took a turn and he went back to zero.

He then turned to affiliate marketing where he sold tangible products that can be sold in his country such as mobile phones and mortgages. Once again, he found another success through Google Adwords. But then, things turned out for the worst again and all the traffic dried up.

He then learned that the next key lesson is to always have a back-up. Never rely on just one thing just because you have found success in it. There may come a time where it will meet its demise and you need to have a back-up when that happens.

3. Give Value First

After his loss, he then decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. His new found plan then was to get a degree and once again start a business from scratch.

After he graduated, he had a new found hope and energy. With his previous successes in the past, he also had confidence that he will succeed.

He went to Sydney Australia and set up business at the downtown center where he had a ball-part goal to achieve in six months. But months after he started this, his business went nowhere.

So he started a side project and hired someone to do a Plugin for him, which was known as WordPress in Facebook before, and gave it away for free. To his surprise, thousands of people signed up and downloaded his Plugin.

Wanting to take advantage of this, he then contacted his person again and asked him to create a Pro version of the Plugin that he can sell to these people.

After it was finished, he then sent an email to his lists of people who downloaded his Plugin and introduced his Plugin Pro. The email then started getting responses and people were buying his product and he once again tasted success.

Which brings us to the third key lesson that he has learned: Always put quality first and you will reap the fruit of your hard work. This will help you pull in more customers rather than having the “how much money will I make?” mindset.

4. Care for your Customers

He went back home to the Netherlands and then he received an email from an investment company that wanted to buy his product. This was a big break for him because although he had experiences in selling small-scale companies in the past, this one was bigger.

So he sold his company but he constantly checks in on it because he sees it as his baby. He then found out that the company wasn’t doing so well and was going downhill. He then found out from a friend who was his former customer that the customer service sucked.

He then came into conclusion that even if you have the quality product, you should also put your customers need intro consideration. You should have an ample amount of care for your customers and you will eventually standout among the competition.

5. Don’t Do it Yourself

After a couple of years, he then decided that it was time for him to again start another business from scratch. But this time, he knew that he had to change something. So he hired new people to do things that he couldn’t do himself like graphic designers and the like. As his business started to grow, he began to hire more and more people.

He then realized that where he is now is partly because of his incredible team. He wouldn’t have gone any further without them which is why it is also important to acknowledge that you could only do so much and you should always ask a helping hand for if you won’t, your business will not grow.

Truly, an awe-inspiring story that is one for the books, Kreij has went through a lot and has become more wise over the years particularly in the field of online Marketing.

There’s no more suited man in the business that has vast knowledge when it comes to online marketing in releasing a software that will help further an aspiring hopeful’s business than Kreij himself.

You can guarantee that with his Connect Automate, you’d get your money’s worth and not only will your brand be put out there in the open, it will also reach the right people at the right time and will eventually turn into profit.

Click on this link HERE to know more about the product and if you want to avail the product, click HERE.

Do not forget, May 29, 2019: Connect Automate.

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