Do you sell a product and/ or service online? Do you want to find a way to promote them effectively where you can ensure that you’d generate leads and hopefully turn it into sales? Do you wish to get your name out there and attain success for your product?

If your answer to all of those questions is yes, then I might just have the right service that will serve as your answer to all of those questions thrown above!

Online business is hard. It is a very competitive industry that requires a lot of strategic approach and creative marketing in order to succeed. A lot of things need to be put into perspective even in just getting your product out in the open for potential customers to notice.

This has long been a dilemma in the age of the internet that you and a million of other online entrepreneurs have been facing presently.

But, to provide a more positive outlook on the situation, while it may be hard, it is plausible to succeed. You just have to master the art of promotion. This includes wise spending of money and investing on the winning advertisement that can guarantee that you’d earn money.

This requires you to identify which of your ads is the best in pulling in potential customers that can generate into sales. This is where ConnectAutomate comes into perspective.

What is ConnectAutomate?

ConnectAutomate is a software created by Wilco de Kreij that will turn your posts that are performing well into ads. It is rule based and will help identify posts with high engagement which it will then turn into advertisements.

Basically, it looks into your system and finds your best posts that has the most potential and turns it into an ad thereby minimizing your investment and ensuring that your money is spent on the best post that can give you sales.

Definitely a TIME & MONEY saver!!

You’re a proprietor of an online business, you already spend so much of your time and money over a lot of things and it can get very draining. It often clouds your decision-making and compromising your best foot forward. So let ConnectAutomate do this one for you!

This software is automated! It processed and identifies that post that have the highest engagement which it will then create and submit into an ad. After which, it then monitors the performance of the then created ad to make sure that it the conversion is maximized. This means lesser work and hassle for you!

Right Content for the Right Audience at the Right Time GUARANTEED!

ConnectAutomate will find and target the prospects at their phase where they are at the peak of their urge to buy or avail a product and/or service. You can say goodbye to having to worry about the “cold, “warm, or “hot leads” for yourself as the software will do this tedious job for you! Not to mention do the tedious job that can make sure that it is delivered to the right audience in the most convenient time possible.

Instead of wasting money in non-performing ads, ConnectAutomate will give the right content the amount of exposure that it needs and you can guarantee that it will have its organic reach in Facebook!

How to Set-up Connect Automate

Inside the ConnectAutomate set up where you will have four steps. Displayed above is the first step where you are given the options for the Boost Conditions.

  1. Boost Conditions

 You will first have to input the page that you want to get exposure. Then, you select the type of content that you want to use like photos, videos and/or offers. Next is you choose the number of posts that you want to get exposure at a given amount of time.

You can then choose to have your posts be liked by a given number of people OR be shared by an approximate percentage of the people who have seen the post to maximize its potential viral effect.

  1. Campaign Settings

 After you’ve done all the necessary measures on the first step, the next thing to do is choosing an account in Facebook Ad and campaign including what you like the campaign to be optimized for.

  1. Adset Settings

You will then choose the length of the days that the ads will run, the set name of the ad and your designated budget for the specific ad. This way you can have control the amount of money that you want to spend on a given time frame.

  1. Rule Settings

You will also have full control on who should see your Facebook ad. This includes identifying the specific demographic that you would like to see your campaign to make sure that you are selling your product and/ or services to the right people. You will also choose the aspects that Facebook will optimize.

Once you are finished with all of these, your ConnectAutomate is now set up. The software will then monitor your Facebook page 24/7. Now all you have to do is post content on your Facebook page and ConnectAutomate will then promote the post that performs best and converts into a Facebook ad.

The best part is that it it is created in an optimized Facebook campaign in the set of given rules and goals that you have specified. So you can definitely guarantee that you will get what you are expecting

Truly, the future of Facebook advertising.

There is already so much at hand that you need to make your load lighter. Why not let a software created by an online marketer do this part of the job for you?

ConnectAutomate will definitely make your life much easier. With almost everyone turning to social media nowadays especially on Facebook, you need to put your best foot forward, or in this case, your best content forward. Let ConnectAutomate get your product out in the open and attract potential customers. You’d then be surprise at how easier your life will be as an online entrepreneur and how successful you’d become!

ConnectAutomate will launch on the 29th of May, 2019 so avail now. Find out more about ConnectAutomate here and get your affiliate link to sign up here.

You’d then have successful Facebook Ad in no time!


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